There is a range of different technical support offered on the Busy Fingers Publishing website:

  • Free Support
  • Professional Support

To get the support you need, select the appropriate Support Request Contact Form from below, fill in your details and submit.

You will receive notification of assistance details within a 24 – 48 hour period.


In the following situations:

  • When You Need to Report a Website Navigation Fault
  • If You find Instructions or Guidelines are Incomplete

You will be assisted as soon as possible within a 24-48 hour period.

Whilst the instructions on this website are for a generic style set up for PDF print books there may be some minor issues or considerations that have not been addressed. Should you feel something has been genuinely overlooked or omitted in the guidelines by way of instructions, please submit detailed information for assessment.

If it is a genuine support matter regarding incomplete instructions then you will receive information as soon as possible via email and free of charge.

The query will be answered as soon as possible within a 24-48 hour period.

PLEASE NOTE: If your query is not deemed as any of the above or you require help to complete a DIY step in the guide, you will be directed to the Professional Support area on this page, featured below.

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In the following situations:

  • When You Need General Advice or Assistance
  • When You Need Assistance to Complete a DIY Step

Support Tickets available (in 15 minute increments)

What to do:

  • Purchase your Support Tickets first (buy at least one)
  • Fill in and submit Professional Support Request Form below

You will be notified if the purchase of further tickets is required, once your request has been assessed.

Additional tickets must be paid for before your professional support can proceed.

1 x Ticket = 15mins of Technical Support

$15 per ticket

One Ticket or Multiple Tickets?

Should you require any quick assistance or general advice just purchase a single ticket, which should cover it.

If you think you need additional support or any kind of technical advice to complete any of the DIY procedures you will probably need additional or multiple tickets. As mentioned above, you will be notified by email how many additional tickets you’ll have to purchase before support proceeds.

You have the option to purchase the Support Tickets and get the help and assistance you require or alternatively complete the job off your own back.

The workload requirements will determine how long your professional support takes to complete.

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Support Request Ticket Value

Helpful Advice:

If you think you may need multiple tickets for something like completing a step in the DIY Guide, ensure you first consider the cost of the corresponding assistance package against the technical support, help and advice that you’re about to pay for, plus the remaining workload you’ll have.

It may be more cost effective to have that aspect of your book done in completion, by an expert.