Firstly, the Spine Width Calculator is ONLY applicable to Perfect Bound books.

It is used to calculate the spine width as the front and rear cover artwork plus the spine are all done in one layout. The spine layout is incorporated into the cover artwork for a Perfect Bound publication and must be the correct size or it will NOT fit your book properly.

See diagram below

The final width of the spine is determined by the number of pages.

The page count, paper type and weight are the other factors that determine thefinal spine width. It is recommended that you leave the cover artwork until last incase you miscalculate or change how many pages you have in your book. For costing purposes you will certainly need an idea how many pages there are and obviously the closer you are to an exact amount the more exact your price will be. It’s best to allow a few extra pages and that way, your book costings should be pretty close to the mark.

The Spine Width Calculator featured here is ONLY applicable to Perfect Bound books ordered through Busy Fingers Publishing. If you have sourced out your own printer, go to their website and look for the guidelines and templates for Perfect Bound books and they should have a Spine Width Calculator you can use. If not, you’ll have to contact them for further information.

How to Use the Calculator

It’s very simple!

Just find the correct table for your paper type and weight then look up your page count to determine your final spine width. The table is set out in page increments and these must be adhered to. If your page count does not total the closest one exactly, then you must insert blank pages to make up the amount to the correct total. These usually go in the back and sometimes the front.

The table also shows the measurements for the cover artwork so double check everything.

When working out the page count, simply include all internal pages but NOT the cover artwork as this is treated separately. The cover artwork includes:

  • Front and Rear Cover including Spine
  • Inside Front and Inside Rear Cover including Spine

Even though the First and Last internal page have special template requirements, they still remain part of the internal pages and must be allowed for. re part of the cover artwork for Perfect Bound books, they still need to be included in the actual page count to calculate your spine width.

Tables cover the following paper weights and types for both Colour and B&W publications

PLEASE NOTE: B&W publications DO include a colour cover

  • 115gsm Gloss Artpaper (coated) COLOUR
  • 150gsm Gloss Artpaper (coated) COLOUR 
  • 100gsm uncoated Laser Bond for B&