Quick Reference Price Guide for BFP SERVICES

All prices are in AUD and include GST

Assistance Package Step 01 BOOK BRIEF
(applicable ONLY to Complete Publishing Packages)

  • $100- $300

Depends on page count or book length

Assistance Package Step 02 MANUSCRIPT
(formatting and editing services available)

  • Price on Application

Assistance Package Step 03 IMAGES
(search fees, editing, permissions, licences etc)

Free to Use Images No Attribution

  • Specified by client $3 – $5 per image
  • Open Search $5 – $15 per image
  • Image Editing $10 – $15 per image

Licenced Images Attribution Required

  • Price on Application

Assistance Package Step 04 PROGRAMS / APPLICATIONS
(service to convert print ready PDFs to combined multi PDF file)

  • $45 – $75

Depends on page count or book length
Under 100 pages OR Over 100 pages

Assistance Package Step 05 BOOK LAYOUT
(set up internal book page files with edited manuscript and all preselected images)

  • Text ONLY $3 per page
  • Text and Image $5 per page
  • Text and Multiple Images (up to 4) $15 per page

Please note ANY Blank pages are treated as Text ONLY pages

Book Layout package is for ALL internal pages not random page

Assistance Package Step 05 BOOK COVER (priced separately)

  • $175 – $375

Packages depend on level on detail desired

The above prices are for a full cover package which will include:

  • Front Cover
  • Rear Cover
  • Spine (if required)
  • Front Inside Cover (blank)
  • Rear Inside Cover (blank)
  • Inside Spine (where required)

PLEASE NOTE: If additional text is required for inside covers there would be an extra charge.

Assistance Package Step 06 ISBN
(ONLY available with Complete Publishing Packages)

Barcodes available for purchase


Assistance Package Step 07 PRINT READY PDFs
(bleed services / make files print ready )

  • File Check Service to ensure correct bleed $1 per page
  • Supply Bleed Services if required $3 per page
  • Convert files to Print Ready PDFs $1 per page
  • Convert Single PDFs to Combined Multi PDF (See Step 04)

Assistance Package Step 08 BOOK PRINTING
(applies only to Complete Publishing Packages)
(book printing also available for DIY Publishers)

Saddle Stitched books from 8 -80 pages
Perfect Bound books from 48 – 300 pages or longer
Hard Case books with a Dust Jacket from 48 – 600 pages

Price on Application

Extended print runs available ONLY where required

See Step 08 Assistance Package BOOK PRINTING for guidelines on printed book prices

Pricing for printed books is determined by:

  • Size and Orientation
  • Binding
  • Cover Type and Weight
  • Paper Stock Type and Weight
  • Print Colour
  • Quantity
  • Delivery Address

Assistance Package Step 09 MARKETING
(promotional materials to assist with book advertising)

Design based on book cover artwork with different options available

  • Business cards and postcards
  • A5 and A4 Flyers
  • A3 Posters

$125 – $425

(optional website to promote, market and distribute book)

Various packages available depending on requirements

  • $150 – $300 Budget Website
  • $300 – $600 Custom Website
  • $600 – $1200 Essential Website

$150 – $1200

For more information on any of the above services go to our Contact page, fill in details and submit.

You will receive a reply by email.

Alternatively visit the Assistance Packages section on the website