Keep this page as a reference when you are first opening Inkscape, or have a good read prior to starting your book page layouts.

This is your screen upon opening Inkscape:


Featured on display on your opening Inkscape screen are the following:

  • Default Document
  • Command Menus
  • Tools & Features
  • Specialty Feature Tools
  • Colour Palette Module
  • Fill & Stroke Module
  • Rulers and Guides

There are two tool boxes and a set of pull down command menus.

  • The Command Menus run horizontally across the top
  • The Main Tool Box runs vertically down the left side of screen
  • The Specialty Tool Box runs vertically down the right side of screen

When you click on any one of the tools in the main tool box on the left, a range of features will appear horizontally underneath the menus at the top. These are all the available features with that particular tool.

With the specialty tool box, the tools are more specialised and will access a complex but commonly used move, with the direct click of a button.

There is a range of command menus accessible with drop down menus along the top.

There are hot keys or shortcuts for certain features and tools, mainly the more frequently used. These hot keys are listed at the end of the feature or tool information.


To zoom in closer on your whole page:

  • Use your zoom tool, accessible in right hand tool box
  • .Click where shown


The screen will Zoom to fit page in window and your page should look like this:


For general Zoom In and Zoom Out there are two methods:

Click on the + magnifier where shown and view will zoom in with each click


And click on the  – magnifier and the view will zoom out further with every click.


and the view will zoom out further with every click.

HOT KEYS for zoom in and out:  Use + and keys on your computer keyboard

Alternatively click on the magnifier in the left hand toolbox as shown. Your cursor will change to the magnifier icon that features on the button


You can then select the area you want to magnify. Position the mouse at the top left corner of an imaginary box around the area you wish to zoom in on. Click and then drag mouse in a diagonal direction and make selection around the potential area you want to view. When you click the bottom right hand corner to complete the selection box, the screen will zoom in to fit that area.