Complete Publishing Packages

Quote Procedure 


Complete Publishing Packages have too many variables as they are tailored to each publication. Therefore you will require a quote first.

A Complete Publishing Package quote incorporates all of the Assistance Package elements together in one larger  package excluding the Book Printing Package. That is treated a separate package as it cannot always be quoted on exactly at the start of the process and may have to be ordered at a later date.

To obtain your quote:

  • You will have to submit details about each package element
  • You must fill out the corresponding Contact Form
  • Each package has it’s own Contact Form

About the Contact Forms:

You can choose to submit your forms using the following options:

  • Fill out individual Contact Forms 01-10 and submit separately
  • OR fill out and submit a single Contact Form incorporating all Steps

What you need to do:

  • Locate and view your Complete Package option
  • Look for the Contact Form link (both types featured)
  • Fill in the (required) details and submit

What happens next?

  • You’ll be sent email notification of receipt of your form/s
  • Your quote will be processed
  • You may need to supply additional information

Where to go:

For further information on complete packages:


  • All Packages page
  • All Steps, Packages and Forms page

Contact Form/s links is featured on package page

The BOOK DETAILS Contact Forms page also features a summary list of all Contact Forms


  • Locate package option
  • Select to view package details
  • Click on link for Contact Form
  • Complete details and submit
  • Quote emailed to you (allow 5-7 days)
  • Quote features payment / procedure instructions
  • To proceed follow email instructions
  • Option to Accept, Defer or Decline
  • To commence submit Order and Payment
  • You are sent email notification of receipt of payment
  • Receipt of Contact Forms will also be emailed to you
  • Job will proceed

Contact Form Information

When you have completed and submited the Contact Form, a book detail report will be constructed from the information given. As specified it will be approx 7-14 working days.

This will be forwarded to you by email and will need to be checked in it’s completion and confirmed via return email. Your package will proceed from there.

There may be a list of queries or things that need to be clarified or explained in further detail. So you might need to provide additional information. This is assessed through the level of detail and client input which will vary with each publication.

Book Detail Report

Your report will include important information such as the following:

  • Summary of ideas on finished book concept
  • Print details of book
  • A mock up or simple design concept for cover
  • Approx cost per printed book
  • Marketing information
  • Website Package information (if applicable)
  • Procedures for each step
  • Recommendations on how to proceed

The term “design concept” is NOT an actual finished design but concept only and displayed in draft stage, usually with notes.


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