Wnen considering any of the Assistance Packages, you may require a quote.

This quote will be based on information submitted by you, on the corresponding Contact Form.  Once your information has been submitted it will be evaluated, your quote will be calculated and then emailed to you.

See below for information and procedures



To obtain your quote:

  • Complete contact form
  • Submit package details

Each package has it’s own contact form. There is a comprehensive form for use only with multiple packages. Each of the forms are located on their corresponding package page. A summary of all form links features on the following page:

Book Details Contact Forms

What to do:

  • Locate Assistance Package
  • View details
  • Click on Contact Form
  • Fill in details and submit

See explanation of Quote Procedure further down

What happens next?

  • You receive quote by email

PLEASE NOTE: You may need to supply additional information

Where to go:

To view details and information on the range of available packages go to:







  • Locate Assistance Package option
  • View package details
  • Click on Contact Form
  • Fill in details and submit
  • You receive quote by email (7-10 days)
  • Additional info may be requested
  • Quote specifies all details
  • Option to accept, defer or decline
  • Submit payment to proceed
  • Submit confirmation of order to proceed
  • Your job will proceed