The packages available can complete every element needed to bring your printed book to fruition. Also, to market and distribute it to the general public. Packages are listed and priced seperately. This way you only order and pay for the help you need. Package elements can be purchased individually if required or as multiple packages through the PayPal Shopping Cart.

Where a package is unpriced, there are too many variables due to the vast range in client requirements. Quite simply, you’ll need a quote, in writing.

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Complete Publishing Packages are also available for those who might be too pushed for time to tackle it themselves. An unedited manuscript is the minimum requirement for Busy Fingers Publishing to turn your dream into reality. It can be done for you at a price tailored to your publication’s needs and demands.

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How the Packages work

Assistance Packages are made up of two components:

  • Order and Payment
  • BOOK DETAILS Contact Forms

They can be submitted in any order but we cannot proceed until we have both

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The time factor involved in completing your package together will depend on the type of book you want to publish.

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