for Basic and Advanced Inkscape Tutorials

The official Inkscape website where your download comes from has some excellent video tutorials at both basic and intermediate levels. The latter display jaw-dropping results that you too can achieve through method and creative skill if you have the ambition and the time. Some of these are slightly more complex though and may overwhelm the beginner. So it is recommended to explore the Inkscape program thoroughly yourself before you embark on any kind of advanced tutorial. But they do have basic tutorials on tools, features and their uses. Their Tips and Tricks page also has some nifty bonus information which should prove helpful in areas. Make sure you become good friends with Inkscape at ground level, before you go trying to set your pages up. Your book will be better for it. And so will you.


To choose from a range of sceen tutorials go to:

INKSCAPE Website Screen Tutorials


To choose from a range of written tutorials go to:

INKSCAPE Website Written Tutorials

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