AUTOMATIC NUMBERING (setting up using Word)

You may have opted to number your pages if you finalised the order of your manuscript completely in Word. If that is the case, the number will automatically be transferred across when you cut and paste the text from the Word document to Inkscape or alternatively when you convert your Word files in the Word program with the PDF converter. It will depend on how your book is set up.

MANUAL NUMBERING (setting up using Inkscape)

If you have decided to wait until setting up in Inkscape to include page numbers and wish to do it manually, it is best to wait until all pages are finished incase of any omissions or additions. Ensure you have completed ALL your book pages and are satisfied with the layout before you number them. It can get confusing swapping page numbers when things get out of sync.

If you are doing the manual set up for each book page you should have included and set up guidelines for your page numbers on the master file for your book page. This way when the time comes to insert the numbers, the guidelines are already on each page. If you have not included them you will have a lot more work to do later. The easiest location for numbers is central of the page and usually at the bottom but some prefer left and right justified. They are slightly more work to set up manually but it’s your call.

When setting up your book page files, always label them in numerical order as you go if possible. If it isn’t possible to do as you go for whatever reason, then leave unnumbered and then number once all your pages are finalised by way of order.

Instructions for manual numbering are below.


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