What is the best option for Multiple Documents or Files?

If you already have multiple documents or multiple files, it’s possible to merge them into a single document. For instructions:

Click here for How to Merge Multiple Documents in Word

If you still want to work with multiple document files that is up to you.

The instructions featured are for a single document file with multiple pages. So if you have multiple files you will just have to repeat the same instruction multiple times.


With that said, sometimes with short publications, having multiple files or separate pages won’t make a huge difference. It makes an initial page count a little more difficult when you’re initially costing your books so you’ll have to use the manual counting method.

Any formatting will also take longer as you have to apply the page settings to each document file individually once opened.

Lastly, the text aspect of your book will appear somewhat disjointed whilst in separate pages and files. Until it comes together towards the end of the process, it will not give as much insight into finished aesthetics and impact flowing from one page to the next.  This means any blanket changes prove difficult and time consuming, early on.