The Who? The Why? The Where? 

And how I got to here

Some unsavoury self publishing experiences over the last ten years had me well and truly venturing down the DIY road. I was unimpressed with the efforts of the vanity publishers out there and their appropriation of royalties for those efforts. It seemed they would potentially be lining their pockets on the back of all my hard work and creative input. I explored similar options, all boasting plenty of financial control and author empowerment. The profit margins were skewed badly and not in my favour.

The vanity publishers crafty modus operandus would deliver the smooth “we’ll look after you” sales talk, all the while cleverly disguising their earning capacity of the book. There was simply next to nix left for me and close inspection proved my hunch.

Too much work, for very little in return.

I looked into online “How To…” publishing guides plus any free information I could find in an attempt to absolutely and completely do it myself. Oh, a free guide was promoted readily enough in many cases. Alas, much to my disappointment, time and again it came with the typical trappings. The vanity publisher lurking in the back blocks, poised and ready to go for the jugular.

Springing from nowhere they’d launch the cyberattack. They try and bribe you by offering access to the free guide in exchange for your email. Or use the excuse that you need to sign up for a free account and give them your email details to be able to have the download sent to you. So even if the guide goes unused, it doesn’t matter. They have your email address. Damage done.

Get ready!

Now comes a continuous procession of spam-like spiel which they bombard with for some months in a colossal attempt to wear you into the ground so you’ll submit. So you see, the apparent free guide does not necessarily amount to much in the way of help at all, except perhaps to act as bait for their merciless and neverending cybersalespitch.

There seemed to be nothing out there that provided any in depth detail. Zero instruction without the hard sell from somebody.  By this time I was resigned to the fact that for my publishing endeavours, I would have to just go it alone and swipe whatever free information I could source out and locate.

In I plunged…

With some serious online terrafirma covered and more than a few ghost leads under my belt, I eventually accumulated a wealth of information. All the individual elements required to make a start. Okay, nearly all. What I didn’t have, well?? Um, I just planned to wing it along the way.

After all, my new bestie Google had all the answers and I was sure working out how to get them.

There was no reason to procrastinate any longer in creating my book and getting it to a print ready stage, I took a deep breath and got damn busy.  Using my business knowledge, I tackled the administration side of things to co-ordinate the programs and tools involved and then broke the whole process down into a series of steps. I created simple strategies for each element. Then executed my game plan methodically for the complete setting up of my book pages and subsequently, my book cover.

My trade skills and experience in the graphic arts and printed media industry came in handy I’ll admit. A bit of prior knowledge was definitely helpful in navigating the way. But the actual procedures and skills involved in setting up book pages are not overly complicated. If more authors were aware of that, they quite possibly might have a go at it themselves.

There were a few hurdles, I won’t lie…however my tread was good and I’m adaptable mid-leap. So on I laboured on and saw the trek through. Many (wo)man hours later…I was done.

I had delivered.

In six months I’d achieved it! My independent publishing goal. A fully illustrated 64 page poetry book printed in full gloss colour. My Soft Cover publication would feature around 45 poems and vector illustrations, all done by me. I sourced out and purchased my own ISBN and Barcode, did the bleed set up, organised the print ready proof and ordered my own extended print run via an online printer. Pretty much, the whole shebang.

I remained committed to the end and persistence certainly pays!

Seriously, anybody can be inspired to DIY publish. After all, how many manuscripts are sitting out there still written in long hand? How many potential best sellers could be hibernating in a shoebox on a dusty shelf and will never see the light of day because it just seemed a bit too hard?

Well, no more excuses.

I’ve mapped out the entire process from start to finish in a no strings attached, no email address required, no nothing, free 10 Step DIY Guide. But I’m not just telling you what you need, I’m explaining it all from go to whoah and showing you how to do it.

The information presented provides a platform for to work from with the ability for the author to create their own outcome. No added burden of having to work out how to co-ordinate everything. Just a set of user friendly instructions to work from with all the criteria specified.  The author is in the box seat with 100% financial and creative control. Unfortunately vanity publishers would love to have most of us convinced we can’t do it without them.

With respect, that’s balderdash.

It’s more doable than many of you might think.

The guide compiled is based solely on my own publishing experience. However the generic method for most book setting up is based on a PDF proof, so this style or format can be used for other publications with minimal adjustments made where required. The guide is user friendly and is backed up by other free resources, links and additional information.

Don’t be overwhelmed by how much information there is…just be overwhelmed at how easy I’ve made it for you!

With that said, if you genuinely feel you’ll struggle with any of the elements there are help packages available. These come recommended only for those requiring extra assistance to complete steps.

Anyway, follow the guide and odds are, you’ll be clutching a printed book proudly by the end of it.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the free 10 Step DIY Publishing Guide


Start to make your publishing dream happen entirely at your own pace…whether that’s a walk, a trot, or a flat out canter.

Giddy up!