You might already own and be familiar with a word processing program like Microsoft Word or similar. You would use this program for typing up letters and correspondence, things like that. If so, you’ll be able to use that to transfer your notes to or handwritten copy to the computer and you won’t have to download and install an additional word program. At this point it doesn’t matter whether you have a free / basic version or a full version as there are no special settings when saving your manuscript on a computer for the first draft.

The default document size, font, pt size and file format will be fine to use. Don’t change any settings.

Transcribing Manuscript to a Computer:

Use the word program on your computer to transcribe your manuscript from loose or typed up notes to an electronic copy.

Start typing!

You will need to save it as one document file but it can have multiple pages. This is the most efficient way to set up your manuscript.

It is not recommended to create multiple documents or files. This can cause problems when formatting your manuscript for the book page layout and also when doing a page count to cost out your book. This is explained in the main Manuscript step.

If for whatever reason you want to work in separate document files, things like formatting will take much longer as your documents will have to be formatted separately, plus you will have to do your page count in a manual fashion, which leaves room for error.

If you have a word program already but have not used it yet, you will need to make friends with it. If you need some information about word programs and what to do:


Then proceed with the rest of the above mentioned procedures. 

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