For images on internal pages, make some simple notation on your manuscript, in relation to their position and size. That way, when the time comes to import them into your book pages in the vector program, you’ll know exactly where they go and you will have allowed appropriate room to accommodate them.

Refer to the insertion of an image in your manuscript where you want the image to be featured along with the corresponding file name if it has one.


<INSERT IMAGE HERE> “Sunset01.jpg”

If you know you are going to put an image somewhere but don’t have it yet, just make a note that it is still to come and don’t worry about the file name until you locate an image and save it.


You only need to worry about leaving any space for images in the Book Page Draft or second draft, not the initial Manuscript Draft or first draft.

Removing Image Reference Notes

If you are featuring images in your book you will have text references in your manuscript. These references will most likely be cut and pasted along with the rest of your text which means they will remain part of the body of the text until they are deleted or removed.

Ensure you delete the image reference text from your book pages once you import your images or that will be printed on your pages as well. Refer to REMOVING REFERENCE NOTES section further down.

Recommendation: leave reference notes until pages are completed, then delete them if no further changes are to be made. Resave your files. If you don’t they will become an unwelcome feature in your publication. Not a good look!!

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