How to Scan and Save an Illustration


How to Scan and Save an Illustration

Scanning Resolution

Use 300dpi for all your different types of images. There is no need for any higher resolution.

Image Classifications

  • Black and White Illustrations = Text / Line Art 
  • Coloured Images = Magazine 
  • Photo images = Photo

Device and Program Information

You need to have a Scanner connected to your computer which must be listed in the Devices section of your computer.

It will either come with it’s own program which should have automatically prompted you to install and run it when you initially connected the scanner. Alternatively you can use the generic Windows Fax and Scan program feature in All Programs. This is not very suitable for photo scanning though, It is recommended you utilise the program that came with your scanner if possible as that should cover a range of different mediums for scanning.

Most scanning programs operate the same way so here are some generic instructions which should assist if you’re a novice.

From your Desktop click on the Scanner icon


Open the Scanner window

The navigation panel will appear

Choose the settings that best describe your scan requirements

The settings panel will feature things like:

  • Image type
  • Colour
  • Resolution

There are other settings but the ones listed above are all you need to worry about.


Use the following settings:

  • Text/Line Art
  • Black and White
  • 300 dpi

Click on the Preview button first

Your image will appear so you can see how it looks.

If there is no crop box, you will be scanning the whole page. This means a bunch of white space will feature around your image upon saving. However, this is removed after vectorising so won’t present any issues.

If you want to crop around the illustration however…

Position your mouse clear of the top left of your illustration.

Depress your mouse button and drag it diagonally towards the bottom right corner of the image

The crop box will be visible as you do this.

When you are happy release the mouse just clear of the bottom right corner and your image will remain cropped

(The scanner will only scan what is within the cropped area)

When your illustration is cropped, or ready for scanning:

Click the Scan button in the Navigation panel

Then click on the Save As button and complete the necessary information to reference the file

Enter file name and click on the format you wish to save as

It must be a .png or .jpg file.


Use the following settings:

  • Photo
  • Colour
  • 300 dpi

There is usually a range of general settings on the scanner for other types of images so ensure you select the one that suits your scanning requirements for best results.

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