Independent publishing IS possible

Welcome future DIY Publishers…

Imagine being able to make your printed book happen, entirely yourself.

You really can!

The opportunity for you to become a 100% independent publisher has arrived! And the best thing is, the information is completely free, user-friendly and accessible from one area.

Right here!

It’s based on my own independent travels on the publishing highway. I’ll provide the low down on how I did it and how you can too, if you follow a similar plan of attack.

The complete book publishing process is laid out in simple steps allowing you to complete each one in your own time. All aspects are covered with each step written as a complete module. There are also links to relevant details in other steps where required. Whilst the steps are set out in the order I worked, there is flexibility within the process.

As some of the steps are optional, you can avoid unnecessary information and additional clutter, by selecting only the instructions that apply to your style of book and your vision for it.

All additional resources are provided on the website via links to other secure sites or web pages.

The publishing process is absolutely doable and quite straight forward but it is about being prepared to learn as you go. So commit to working hard and methodically and you should have a book at the end of it. Basic computer skills are a good start. You may even already have a number of the other skills required for some of the procedures involved. If you do, you are well out of the starting gates.

For the checklist, see Skills Used.

Additional knowledge and skills you aquire will certainly come in handy in many other aspects of the digital media industry.

Who knows? You may have a future in digital design…

So, take the power back and put maximum profit in your pocket, instead of someone elses.

What are you waiting for?

Good Luck!


100% Do-It-Yourself

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