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Imagine being able to make your printed book happen, entirely yourself.

Well, you can!

The opportunity has arrived, for you to become a 100% independent publisher! And the best thing is, all the information is completely free, very user-friendly and accessible from one main area.

Right here!

It’s based on my own independent travels on the publishing highway. I’ll give you the low down on how I did it and how you can too, if you follow a similar plan of attack.

Everything about the process of publishing a printed book is explained in a simple step-by-step instruction guide. All aspects are covered and each stage is a complete module but some of the information may overlap where needed. Steps are set out in the order I worked, however there is room for flexibility within the process.

Avoid unnecessary information by custom selecting only, the instructions applicable to you, based on your style of book.

Links to all programs used plus additional resources are provided as well in the other free help areas on the website.

Basic computer skills will be helpful. With that said, the publishing process is straight forward and absolutely doable. It’s about learning as you go. So be committed to working hard and methodically and you’re well on the way. You may even have a number of the other skills required for some of the procedures. See Skills Used.

Additional knowledge and skills you aquire will certainly come in handy in many other aspects of the digital media industry.

Who knows? You may have a future in digital design…

So, take the power back and put maximum profit in your pocket, instead of someone elses.

What are you waiting for?

Good Luck!


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