How to Finalise SVG Files


Finalising your Book Page SVG files

This is the last stage of your actual book layout. You should have removed all margins and guidelines and any text referencing images that you may have overlooked. You should have also accommodated the bleed layout in your book pages. Also check to make sure your files are in the correct numerical order.

If you have not completed the bleed layout then you’ve created extra work for yourself or an expert. Go to the next step and read the instructions on how it is incorporated into the book pages. If you’re floundering, get an expert’s help. But the bleed layout MUST be done before you can save your Print Ready PDF files or parts of your book risk being trimmed off or not printed during the publication process.

Now…if you’ve been a good, diligent little DIYer and just done it yourself after reading how undifficult it was, then cudos to you.

Toot! Toot!

Proceed with the rest of this section…

The time has arrived that you should be completely satisfied with your finalised and saved SVG files. The last thing to do is to convert them to print ready PDFs. You will retain your original SVG file but you will now have an additional PDF version as well for the printer.

Should you happen to locate any errors after the PDF files are created you will have to adjust your original SVG file and then resave as a new PDF over the top of the old file. It is recommended that you delete the incorrect PDF and then when resaving your SVG again you know you have a brand new and correct file. Then there is no confusion.

There is an absolute final check point yet as well so don’t panic. This is once you convert your PDFs to the multi PDF proof and view it in the Adobe program before sending to printer. So it can STILL be changed by altering the SVGs, resaving as PDFs then redoing the combined multi PDF conversion process again.

Extra work yes, but not impossible…

So then, you’ve done all the above?

All of it?

Everything? Really?!

And you’re happy?

Okay. I’ll take “No, I’m tired and relieved…but ectstatic!”

May I just say…

YOU my friend, ARE a legend!

You are on the home stretch with your next task and this IS the downhill run…the easy part…honest!

Now you will be ready to convert your SVG files to PDF print ready file format

and to get that baby to print!

But first return to the BOOK LAYOUT page by clicking on link below and when you go to Step 07 skip over the bits you’ve already read and completed for the Bleed etc and scroll straight down to Converting SVG files to PDF and continue with guide from there…

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