Having edited my own book myself, I DO recommend the services of somebody other than yourself. When it’s time to put it all together, if you can’t afford an editor, don’t rely on your own currently stretched capabilities. Get a few close friends to read it and check thoroughly for spags. The partner, the kids…heck, anyone you can wrangle in! Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees when you’ve viewed a bunch of text so many times and you can overlook minor spags.

Once you’ve sent it to print it’s too late to right the ship until your next print run.

An editor can play a vital role in the presentation of your book so if you choose to do it all yourself, the buck stops with you. If a customer finds your book is full of typos, spags and badly executed punctuation, they not only won’t be reading it, but they surely won’t be recommending it to anyone either.

Don’t rely on making the one off sale. Aim to have your customer returning for multiple copies. Or perhaps recommending your book by word of mouth to others due to the fantastic impact it has made. Repeat sales and those based on word of mouth says your book is not only quality, but it has made a lasting impact and created a huge enjoyment factor. After all, gaining a bit of traction in the market  via personal recommendations is one of the best forms of advertising you can get. People are often falling over themselves to insist a friend read something they loved, so don’t stuff up that first impression.

The book should be helping to sell itself, not working against you. Do it the biggest favour possible and edit your manuscript thoroughly. No matter whether you do it yourself or pay and expert.

The best time to complete the bulk of the process is usually once your initial manuscript is completed or saved onto a computer. Whilst other opportunities to edit make themselves available however, it makes good sense to get your edits done early on so you can concentrate on the layout of the pages.

Professional Editing Services

An inhouse editor is available for consult, should you desire any kind of editing services. If you are unfamiliar with formatting or don’t want to do your own, that service is available as well.

For any kind of professional editing service go to:

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