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Editing Rates

I am happy to offer custom-tailored editing according to each client’s requirements and preferences.

Fees depend on the intensity of editing required and the total number of words in the project.

In order to quote the fee, a sample of the writing is mandatory so I can assess what level of editing would be optimal. The fees are calculated according to the number of words.

Fee calculation will differ in each case, depending on if it is a developmental edit, a basic copy edit, a final proofing, ghostwriting, mentoring, or any combination of these aspects. Higher rates will be involved if the editing is combined with mentoring, coaching or ghostwriting. 

I use the Track Changes function in Word, so you always see exactly what I’ve done, and you will have the option to accept or reject each change.

Levels of Editing for Prose:

Basic Editing:

     Smoothing the edges, I will trim and tighten, improve sentence mechanics and pacing, and check for bad writing habits, snags, and rough spots. I will make sure your text is free of confusing language, sentence structure errors, redundancies, wordiness, inappropriate word choices, incorrect verb tenses and other inconsistencies or minor issues relating to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I’ll work to improve pacing.

            My standard rate ranges from $2 to $5 per page.

Structure and substance: 

     I will identify places that need developmental changes—elements that are unclear, unfinished, underdeveloped or overdeveloped. I’ll suggest what needs ‘fleshing out’ and what needs trimming or culling. I’ll give you notes and suggestions on style, flow, organization, and clarity of thought. I’ll address issues in character and plot development, considerations pertaining to style, tone and thematic consistency, and suggestions on how to optimize delivery of dialog and narrative.

            My standard rate ranges from $3 to $7 per page.

Subtle Refinements:

I will offer creative feedback and ideas for improving the subtle, creative literary nuances in novels and poems. I would point out places where a simile would fit in well and also offer inventive ideas for apt similes and metaphors, if desired, and insights on how to enhance narrative descriptive passages, dialog, and characterization.

My standard rate ranges from $2 to $5 per page

Final Proofreading and Polishing:     The final aspect any manuscript needs is a good polish to make sure it shines. I will read the text closely for any missed spelling and grammar mistakes, omitted words, formatting errors and typos. The aim is to ensure that your text is error-free and professional.

            My standard rate is $1 to $3 per page.

Editing a book is an intensive endeavor.

For extensive rewriting and aggressive editing to overhaul a manuscript, one needs to go through the manuscript with each aspect in mind. It requires a different ‘lens of focus’ to scan for formatting typos, for example, than to read deeply for developmental issues or line-by-line for copy issues. It takes an entirely different focus to subtly refine the creative nuances. I charge a fee range of between $7 to $20 a page, depending on the intensity of work required. This fee includes all of the above editing stages as they are required.

For works that have already been workshopped or previously revised and edited many times, a one-time run through fee can be arranged (on a custom-tailored basis) and would cover any or all of the above aspects, according to what is required at the final stages of editing.

That fee would range from $2 to $8 per page.


The length of a poem, it’s density and how much work it needs varies, thus the fee ranges are wide when it comes to poetry.

The fee for poems depends on:

1) the length of the poem

2) the caliber of the poem (incidating how much work it requires)

For a book of poems, the fee calculation is more complex, as it may require multiple levels of editing, including:

1) editing each poem individually

2) compiling the poems along a theme thread in a cohesive continuity

3) proofing for collective issues, like too-oft-repeated words and images

4) final proofing

5) consultation for layout and design with artwork

For one-time individual poems, the fee range is from $10 to $35.

For ongoing editing of indivitual poems, the fee ranges from $5 to $25.

Another option is to give a monthly retainer fee of between $50 to $200 (depending on how often coaching is required). For such clients, I am always available to answer questions, give in depth feedback and work on whatever they send as soon as they send it.

For a book of poems, the fee for the whole project would be calculated in advance with an adjustable estimate based on how many editing run-through sessions we do.

Rates are subject to change for rush jobs. 

Do feel free to let me know if you have further questions.