The DIY Guide on this website will help you gain all the skills you’ll need to create your print ready book. However, you might discover that you already have a number of these skills or basic knowledge at least, of the some of the particular procedures required.

This means you’ll be further out of the starting gates than you thought.

See the checklist below for skills used.

Skills List:

  • Cut and Paste Text
  • Cut and Paste Images
  • Use a Word Program
  • Use Vector Program
  • Download and Install a Program
  • Run and Set Up a Program
  • Use an Text Editing Program
  • Use an Image Editing Program
  • Search for Images using Google
  • Save or Download an Image
  • Purchase Licenced Images
  • Request Permission for Use of an Image
  • Importing and Exporting Files
  • Create a Folder to store Files
  • Save a File to a folder
  • Save a File to a memory stick
  • Access Files from a Memory Stick
  • Compress a File
  • File Conversion
  • Create an Online Account
  • Create an Email account
  • Send an Email
  • Send and Receive Online Payments
  • Scan Photos or Images

The Process:

Below is a list of the procedures involved in taking your book from manuscript form to a completed printed publication.

The 10 Step DIY Guide expands on this in further detail with all the required procedures and instructions to publish your book including obtaining your own ISBN. Plus there are suggestions and additional guidance on how to promote and market it to a wider audience.

  • Download required Programs
  • Install / Set Up Programs
  • Assemble Book Brief
  • Complete Manuscript
  • Edit Manuscript
  • Obtain Images
  • Obtain Image Permissions
  • Set up Book Pages
  • Import Text
  • Import Images
  • Get ISBN / Barcode
  • Set up Book Cover
  • Save Book Pages
  • Convert Book Page Files
  • Combine Files for PDF Proof
  • Compress Proof (if applic)
  • Order / Pay for Books
  • Submit Details
  • Submit Book Proof
  • Receive email Printer’s Proof
  • Confirm Printer’s Proof
  • Resubmit Proof (if required)
  • Books are Printed
  • Books Delivered to You

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