• To get files print ready
  • Finalise PDF proof for the printer


  • Download template folder from printer
  • Ensure bleed requirements are met
  • Remove guidelines from SVG files
  • Save SVG files as print ready PDFs
  • Save PDFs as combined multi PDF
  • Compress multi PDF to zip file (if over 10MB)


To make your files or book pages print ready you must do the following:

  • Ensure you have met the Bleed Artwork requirements
  • Convert completed Book Page SVG files to PDF files
  • Convert PDF files to a Combined Multi PDF file
  • Compress to a Zip file (only if required)

Your book may be printed incorrectly if the above procedures are not completed properly.

Don’t make a costly mistake!

For DIY Publishers going with Busy Fingers Publishing for a basic DIY Book Printing ONLY Package you can use the Templates and Bleed Information available on this website via the links on this page or the Home page. However your book page files MUST be created in the Inkscape program in SVG format. Using either current version or the older version 0.48.

If you are sourcing out your own printer, go to their website to locate and download the templates and bleed information you need to use.

They will specify all their bleed requirements and should have a free template and instructions available for download to assist you in the setting up of your files. Go to their website and look for a Templates link on their Home page.

Some details may be similar but they will possibly vary between printing companies. You risk your book being printed incorrectly if you use another printer’s bleed guidelines.

So get the right ones!

The file saving and conversion information for the PDFs files featured on this page is a generic process and should be the same to do, but check your printers guidelines and requirements just to be sure.



Bleed Layout


The bleed artwork requirements must be met when supplying your print ready files to the printer.

So, what is bleed?

Don’t be scared off by the terminology. Bleed simply refers to the part of the artwork that extends beyond the trim edge of your finished book page.

This ensures all background colour or background images go right the very edge of each page when your book is trimmed. As your book pages are printed on a larger sheet and then trimmed accordingly, your background artwork must bleed out just beyond your page edge. The template instructions will specify the amount of bleed required with your chosen book page size.

See example diagram below


There are extremely important guidelines to adhere to. Once you understand what’s required, you will be able to set up your book pages correctly.

Templates and bleed instructions can be downloaded from your printer’s website to assist in the correct setting up of your book pages.

For DIY Publishers purchasing a DIY Book Printing ONLY Package use our Bleed Information below:

Click here for Busy Fingers Publishing Bleed Information

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These will vary between printing companies so you MUST get this information directly from the printer you plan to use.

For DIY Publishers purchasing a DIY Book Printing ONLY Package you can access our free Templates:

Click here for Busy Fingers Publishing Templates

INSTRUCTIONS FOR Downloading the PDF Template

  • Locate the correct size Template folder
  • Download folder
  • File in your TEMPLATES folder if you have one
  • If not, put in your IMAGES folder
  • Double click on folder to access Template
  • Find and read the PDF Template Instructions carefully

Binding Types

Due to the different cover requirements, the binding will determine which bleed layout instructions you use and whether you need one template or multiple templates:

  • Saddle Stitched (one template)
  • Perfect Bound (multiple templates)

Saddle Stitched publications require one template for all book pages including cover. 

Easy fixed!

Perfect Bound however, is a bit more involved. You will need templates for the following:

  • Front and Rear Cover + Spine
  • Front Inside and Rear Inside Cover + Spine
  • Text or Internal Pages

It may seem a bit daunting, but once you understand the principle of the template, things will fall into place and you’ll ace it.

The bleed layout instructions for either binding explain exactly how to set up your cover artwork so make sure you read them properly before proceeding. These instructions are also located in the Templates section.

Click here for Busy Fingers Publishing Templates



Your finalised Inkscape Book Page SVG files need to be converted to Print Ready PDFs. Once this task is complete you will have two sets of book page files. One in SVG format and the other PDF.

File them both in the BOOK LAYOUT folder.

Click here for How to Save SVG files as Print Ready PDF Files



Now it’s time to convert your single PDF files to a Combined Multi PDF file. Ensure everything is correct as this is the final stage before locking, loading and submitting your proof to the printer. See checklist below. If you find any mistakes you will have to correct your SVG version and resave. You will have to repeat the process with your PDF file too.

The Combined Multi PDF File is also called a One Up file and is the way most PDF files for printed books are supplied. Again, check your printing company’s specifications first.

So what is a Combined Multi PDF File?

It is essentially one document or PDF file, but with multiple documents or PDFs within. So it’s just the same as your manuscript document file with the multiple pages all in one file except it’s a different file format. Both display in a vertical scroll down your screen when viewed showing their page numbers on the right hand side as you descend.

When combining your PDF files, the order is paramount as the order the files are supplied in will be the printed page order. So make sure the files are numbered correctly and in the right order. All pages are printed front and back so if you require blank pages, they must be done as a legitimate page and inserted where necessary. That ensures they remain blank when the printing process takes place.

When you are absolutely ready to convert your PDF files you will need to sign up to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro for the minimum one off one month subscription of around $30 AUD.

This program, unlike Adobe Acrobat Reader, allows the editing and manipulation of PDF files. This important feature lets you convert single PDF files to a One Up Combined Multi File.  So order and pay for your one off one month subscription. Then access your account, go through the Combined Multi PDF layout procedure and save.

The minimum subscription is for 30 days so you have a month to do it. If you muck something up, you have time to redo and check it all over. Don’t forget to turn off the Auto Renew when they notify you by email of the date the subscription period expires. If you don’t, you’ll be hit up for another month’s subscription as they’ll already have your banking details for payment.

Don’t get caught like I did!

All the relevant information for the Adobe program is in Step 04 PROGRAMS / APPLICATIONS and there is a link featured on the Links and Resources page to the website.

Click here for How to Convert PDF Files to Combined Multi PDF



Due to the sheer file size of some book proofs, there will be a limit to how much information you can send at one time. If your file size exceeds the limit allowed by your printer, you may have to compress your proof or convert to a zip file format.  Then you can send a lot more information which can be unpacked the other end.

See How to Compress Zip Files for more information.

For Complete Publishing Package Customers

Your Bleed Artwork, PDF print ready files and Multi PDF file conversion are part of your package.

NOW…if you’ve completed all of that…your final book proof should be ready to submit for printing.


It pays to have ONE last check over everything before you submit your proof or the consequences can get ugly when there are errors. When you’ve looked at something over and over again, believe me, it starts to look the same and you can sometimes miss the little things.

A fresh pair of eyes never hurts!

Before you submit your Proof:


  • Is your bleed artwork correct?
  • Have you checked for spags and errors?
  • Have you included all your images?
  • Are they the correct resolution?
  • Have you inserted your ISBN if applicable?
  • Have you incorporated your Barcode if applicable?
  • Are your finished book pages numbered?
  • If so, are they in the correct order?
  • Are your book pages numbered or filed in the correct order?
  • Have you removed all template guidelines?
  • Have you removed all margins and guides?
  • Are you happy with your book cover?
  • Is there anything else you need to change or fix?
  • Are you happy with absolutely EVERYTHING?


All good. You just have a bit of fine tuning to do.


Legendary stuff! Now you really ARE good to go.

Take a deep breath…


When your proof is ready, go to your printing company’s website to order your extended print run of books and make the full payment.  Once that is processed you will be prompted to submit your proof.

Your printer will nominate the maximum size file you are able to send. Ensure you check all this information before sending your proof so you complete it correctly. If you have to send in two halves you will need to make two separate combined multi files to do so in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. Please note that the specifications may vary between printers on the SIZE of files they can accept so do your homework thoroughly.

When you send your final proof to the printer, they will send you back their print ready proof based on what you’ve supplied. Ensure you check it over thoroughly. If there is any kind of problem you’ll be notified when they send the proof. They won’t proceed until you approve it. So you have a chance to fix the mistakes and resubmit or approve it as is. They usually specify where the problem is. If you alter the original proof you sent, you have to resubmit it for a small fee, every time you do so. This fee can range from around $20 = $40 depending on the company.

So get it right the first time!

Once you have emailed confirmation of your approval the publishing process will commence

If you don’t want to take part in any of the above mentioned procedures, seek a professional and simply pay for it. But get a quote first.

Busy Fingers Publishing offers Bleed Layout services and File Saving and Conversion Services covering all the above. See link below to Assistance Packages.

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