This section features any minimum costs you will incur in the publishing of your book.

There are some costs you won’t avoid in getting your book to the print ready stage. With that said, most of the online programs and services required are either free to download or free to sign up to. Whilst publishing your own printed book can be quite labour intensive, the costs to get it to a printable format, are surprisingly low.

Cost options as follows:

OPTION 1 – Under $50 without an ISBN
OPTION 2 – Under $150 with an ISBN
OPTION 3 – Under $200 with an ISBN & Barcode

OPTION 1 – Under $50

without an ISBN

The Under $50 option will cover the one off one month minimum subscription you’ll need to convert your finalised book page files. Your separate PDF book page files will have to be converted to a Combined Multi PDF proof, ready for the printer.  The Adobe Acrobat DC Pro 30 day subscription will give you access to the editing tools that do the conversion. There are similar programs but Adobe Acrobat is what I used. Please note, the commonly downloaded and free to use Acrobat Reader program is not the same. That is for reading PDF files only and it has no access to editing tools. You need the DC Pro version for that.

Most printing companies request PDF format but will outline all detail in their printing requirements. Some may offer to do the conversion for you but be aware, you’ll probably pay a fee for such a service. It’s easy enough to do yourself, with access to the correct tools and instructions. This process is covered in:


Some Word programs have an inbuilt PDF converter but the style of program may not be suitable for your book set up. All that information is available in:


OPTION 2 – Under $150

with an ISBN

The Under $150 option is as OPTION 1 but with the additional cost of an ISBN for those who require it. This also incorporates the unavoidable $55 New Account Fee from Bowker when purchasing your first ISBN. As Bowker is the only official issuer of ISBNs, when you purchase directly from them, you will be the listed publisher. Be aware that if you purchase an ISBN from any third party other than Bowker and Thorpe, then they become the listed publisher and may require attribution in the copyright section of your publication.  This information is covered in:


OPTION 3 – Under $200

with an ISBN & Barcode

The Under $200 is the same as OPTION 2 but with the additional cost of the Barcode.

You may not require a Barcode for your book. This information is covered in:


All Book Printing packages are quoted on completely separately, even for Complete Package Customers. This is due to a range of changes or alterations that can and will typically occur during the publishing process.

Other Costs (optional)

Additional costs for elements of your publication may include:

  • Purchase of Images, Artwork or Graphics
  • Purchase of Illustration Services
  • Purchase of Graphic Design Services
  • Purchase of Editing Services
  • Purchase of Publishing Services
  • Paper and Ink for Printing etc
  • Plus more…

By maximising the Do-It-Yourself route, you save on the range of professional services mentioned above which would ordinarily contribute to your overall book costs.

It’s worth some thought…

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