This section covers information on how to assess and deal with your raster images and graphics prior to importing them into your book pages.

The importation procedure is covered in Step 05 BOOK LAYOUT


Types of Raster Images

Treat any kind of raster image or graphic, colour or B&W, exactly like a PHOTO IMAGE. Some may look just like a vector graphic but if they are a raster file, they cannot be vector format. So the file may have originally started in a vector program, but it has been exported, converted or resaved as a raster format and must now be treated as such.

As explained raster files are made up of pixels which means they cannot just be enlarged to fit an area as they become grainy or pixellated to view. So ensure you have the correct resolution.

See the main IMAGES page for information regarding resolution.

File Formats for Raster Images

The file formats you will encounter for common raster graphics images are:

  • JPG
  • PNG

There are other raster formats but these are not as prevalent. With that said, so long as you have a raster program like Paint to open the files then they can be resaved as one of the more popular formats shown above.

Other raster formats you may encounter:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • TIFF

Use the PHOTO IMAGES instructions in the IMAGES section

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