A complete publishing package BOOK and WEBSITE includes ALL 10 Assistance Packages. Each element is priced seperately so you can tailor your package exactly to your needs. A number of the elements however, have too many variables. Therefore the assistance packages for those are quote based only and would be additional cost.

Assistance Packages requiring a Quote:

  • Step 02 Manuscript EDITING
  • Step 08 Printed Books YOUR EXTENDED PRINT RUN

Package components:

  • Set Up / Layout of book to print stage Steps 01 – 07
  • Extended Print Run Step 08
  • Marketing Package Step 09
  • Your Website Step 10

The procedure for ordering your package/s is as follows:

  • Order your packages belowpal Shopping Cart
  • Submit Book Details Contact Forms for each package

This can be done it EITHER order. We cannot proceed in any way until we have both payment and contact forms.

Each package is priced individually. Where no price is shown a quote is required as there are too many variables with some elements. Elements like editing and supply of images etc have too many variables so an additional cost would apply. You will g an additional quote will need confirmation by email of price and payment procedure.

Every package has it’s own Contact Form to complete. If you are taking advantage of a Complete Publishing Package then you can fill out one form including ALL components:


  • Go to the Orders and Payments page

Select each of the required element packages and apply your own book details


Due to the various options available with both, Book Publishing and Website Development packages are priced seperately on their respective pages. When you match your publishing package with your website option, fill out the appropriate Contact Forms in the:

Book Details Contact Forms section and submit.

For guidelines and prices to cost out your Book Publishing package:

For options, guidelines and prices on Websites:

  • Go to Step 10 Assistance Package Website

To get your quote go to the Book Details Contact Forms section.

Fill out the following forms and submit:

  • Book Publishing Contact Form
  • Step 10 Website Package Contact Form

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