Lyrical Latte: 

very espresso verse

About the Book

A collection of rhyming poems that cover a myriad of topics and with a humorous, no holes barred approach. From the horrors of housework to the perils of parenting to bedroom wars and beyond…this book shares a wittty and very entertaining poetic perspective…without apology. Strap yourselves in, folks!

About the Author

Phillippa Ross is a highly expressive poet who believes in telling it like it is. Finding inspiration everywhere she will tackle any subject matter, from a multitude of angles and with startling honesty.. Phillippa engages her audience in energetic, bouncy rhymes that pack a punch in every way. From muffin tops to odd socks, from lost tots to filthy pots…her broad sense of humour is always evident and her lyrical lattitude shall resonate loud and clear…

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