• Introduction
  • Inkscape Tools
  • Open / Close Inkscape
  • Set Document Size
  • Import a PDF Template
  • Set Margins or Guidelines


  • Fonts and Pt Size
  • Create or Import Text
  • Text Feature and Effects


  • Create a Vector Graphic
  • Import an Image
  • Manipulate an Image
  • Import an Illustration
  • Colour an Illustration


  • Create Book Cover Artwork
  • Insert ISBN (if applicable)


  • Numbering Pages and Files
  • Remove Template Guides
  • Finalise and Resave SVG Files


When you have finalised your book page files it is time to convert them to a print ready format.

Each of the SVG files will need to be resaved as a PDF file. The next stage is to convert the single PDF files to a Combined Multi PDF proof and you’re ready to go to print.

The above mentioned is covered in Step 07 Print Ready PDFs.