Assistance Package Step 08 BOOK PRINTING


  • Book Printing

Busy Fingers Publishing offers a simple range of printed book options based on popular sizes and bindings.


  • Saddle Stitched
  • Perfect Bound
  • Hard Cover




The style of book and quantity required will determine where your books are printed. Large quantities are printed off shore and freighted direct to you. Smaller runs are printed in Australia and then distributed and freighted to your delivery address if feasible. Otherwise they may be printed closer to your place of origin and shipped directly to you.

This printing service is not a POD Print on Demand service. It is an Extended Print Run ONLY. This means you order a quantity of books and pay for them in advance. Then they are shipped to you.

You will approve a completed print ready proof for confirmation of your approval before any printing commences. This is all done after you have ordered your book quantities and payment has been made. Hard cover books usually have the option of a hard copy proof as well as an electronic proof. The former comes highly recommended, especially when a large quantity of books are going to print for the first time.

Any final errors or issues can be resolved if need be and a new resubmission of files made. This is an additional cost so check twice and order once.

For further information on book printing see the Book Pricing Guide or contact direct using the Contact Us page.





Sizes and Orientations available:

  • A5 Portrait
  • A5 Landscape
  • A4 Portrait
  • A4 Landscape
  • Square
  • Custom Sizes Available

Binding Types available:

  • Saddle Stitched
  • Perfect Bound

Cover Types available

  • Paperback (SS and PB)
  • Soft Cover (SS and PB)
  • Hard Cover (CB only)

  • Dust Cover available (CB only)

PLEASE NOTE:  SS refers to Saddle Stitched / PB refers to Perfect Bound / CB refers to Case Bound

Quantities available:

  • 25 books
  • 50 books
  • 100 books
  • 250 books
  • 500 books
  • 1000 books

If you require a different quantity than what is listed, please submit the details and a price can be calculated.

Freight charges depends on your location. Check exchange rates, as the pricing may be in your favour, depending on your country of origin.

Click here for Currency Converter

We offer a simple print book solution with minimal options ONLY for those who want a hassle free process.

Do your homework, compare your prices and products and you’ll make the decision that best works for you.


For those purchasing one of the Complete Book Publishing Packages books are automatically supplied through Busy Fingers Publishing. You will need to select the quantity required to determine your approximate cost per book.

For the Do-It-Yourselfers we offer a quick fix hassle free print book only package

DIY Book Printing ONLY Package

Your Printed Book cost will depend on a number of different factors that you will have to work out. Guidelines on maximum prices and maximum page lengths are available:

If your page count is lower than shown, you can expect your print books to be cheaper. If you know your exact page count to begin with, you can use the Book Price per Page Count Contact Form and you will be emailed an exact price.

For DIY Publishers purchasing Book Printing ONLY Package

You must supply:

  • ISBN and Barcode (if applicable)
  • Print Ready Files or Combined Multi PDF

BFP will:

  • Order your Extended Print Run
  • Freight your Printed Books to you

For Customers purchasing Complete Book Publishing Packages

BFP will:

  • Supply your ISBN and Barcode
  • Convert your files to Combined Multi PDF
  • Your Extended Print Run is Ordered for you
  • Your Printed Books are Freighted to you


  • BFP is acknowledged Publisher
  • BFP Acknowledgement displayed on Copyright page

Your Printed Book costs are separate from your Complete Book Publishing Package

For further information on complete publishing assistance:


  • Freight Charges apply and WILL depend on your country of origin

We cannot purchase your ISBN for you.

If you purchase a complete publishing package with Busy Fingers Publishing your ISBN and Barcode and included in the package.


  • Convert Single PDFs to Combined Multi PDF ready for printing
  • Convert Raster Illustration to Vector Illustration ready for printing

If you need more info on ISBN first:

If you need more info on converting single PDFs

These services however, are additional fees.

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