Assistance Package Step 07 PRINT READY PDFs


  • Bleed Artwork Services
  • File Saving Services
  • PDF Conversion Services

Bleed Artwork Services

Required to make your book page files print ready. Bleed set up procedure must be done correctly and before saving your SVG book page files.

(Under 100 pages)


(Over 100 pages)


Rates cover every style of page:

  • Text only
  • Text and images
  • Cover Artwork
  • Blank

PLEASE NOTE: BFP does COMPLETE Book Bleed Artwork ONLY, not individual, random pages.

File Saving Services

SVG files complete with bleed set up are required to be saved as PDF files. This is a print ready format.  Your SVG files must be converted to single PDF files before saving as a Combined Multi PDF for final proof.

Nominate your complete page count including all outside and inside covers as a page each.


PLEASE NOTE: BFP does COMPLETE SVG File Conversions for ALL pages not individual, random pages.

This is procedure MUST be done before you are able to do your Combined Multi PDF for your final printer’s proof.

How to Order PDF Conversion Services:

This is done through a subscription based program therefore it can be located in the programs section.

Go to:



For printed books with graphics, images and backgrounds that extend to the edge of the page, there is certain criteria that must be followed.  This is called Bleed Set Up. If it is not done correctly, parts of your book may be trimmed off, left blank or not printed properly. You must also ensure that your text and graphics etc are well within the bleed lines or again, you risk problems when it comes to the trim stage. There are a range of parameters which must be adhered to if you want a publication to be proud of. It is highly recommended that you CAREFULLY READ the section regarding the Bleed Layout and how to follow it, or to seek the services of a graphic artist. Aternatively, get your printing company to do it for you. They will specify how to supply the files.


If you’re here, then you may have decided against doing your own bleed set up. If you just want to concentrate on the book layout and leave this element up to someone more familiar with the process, then that makes good sense. Whilst your back pocket may argue the case, paying an expert alleviates worry and ensures your files are set up correctly for the most important aspect of your book.

The printing!


How to Order Bleed Layout Services:

To order, go to the top of the page, simply nominate the quantity or amount of pages in your book including all outside and inside covers as one page each.

These will include:

  • Front Cover
  • Rear Cover
  • Inside Front Cover
  • Inside Rear Cover
  • All internal pages

There is no difference between Saddle Stitched or Perfect Bound. Include ALL pages in your page count.

PLEASE NOTE: All pages are printed front and rear

Ordinarily for Perfect Bound books, the cover artwork is treated seperately. However, for this purpose, whether you book is Saddle Stitched or Perfect Bound, include every page in the count. BFP will accommodate the seperate PDF printing requirements for you when making your files Print Ready. You must also supply the PDF template from your printer for your book pages. If there are seperate templates for the cover artwork you must supply those as well.

Blank Pages

Pages are printed front and back so if you require a blank page anywhere in your book page layout, insert the page where required in the count and label the file accordingly, but just leave the page blank.


Supplying your Book Page Files

to be made into Print Ready PDFs ensure:

  • The first numbered Book Page File is the Front Cover
  • The last numbered Book Page File is the Rear Cover
  • All Book Page Files inbetween are in Numerical Order


  • Your Book Page Artwork MUST BE completely finished
  • Your Book Pages must be in order and Numbered (if applicable)
  • You must supply all Book Page Files as complete Inkscape SVG files
  • You must supply all Book Page Files files in Numerical or Print Order
  • You must supply all Bleed Artwork Info from your printer
  • You must supply all PDF Templates from your printer

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