Assistance Package Step 06 ISBN

Check out all the ISBN and Barcode information below and decide whether or not an ISBN is for you.


What ISBN options are available?

For the DIY Publisher

You have one option only:

  • Source out and supply your own ISBN

This can be done through Bowker and Thorpe

See information further down page

For those purchasing Complete Publishing Packages

Select from these two options:

  • Source out and supply your own ISBN–OR
  • Get a Free ISBN through Busy Fingers Publishing

Source and supply your own ISBN

If you supply your own ISBN you are listed as the publisher. Your details will be displayed in all online book title searches and your book’s ISBN information will be registered with®

Your book title will also show up in a Google Books search reflecting all the same information. 

You will have to purchase your ISBN through Bowker and Thorpe. They are the only licenced issuer of ISBN and Barcodes.

For further information:

Get a Free ISBN through Busy Fingers Publishing

Busy Fingers Publishing can assign you a Free ISBN but will be the listed publisher. An acknowledgement must be displayed in the copyright section of your printed book. This same publisher information will appear in all online book title searches.

Your book ISBN profile information will be registered with®. Your book title will also show up in a Google Books search reflecting all the same information.

Purchasing a Barcode

Purchasing a Barcode is optional and reflects the ISBN in a form that scanners can identify.  It adds a professional look to your publication but is an additional cost. If you plan on selling your book further than friends and family you’ll probably want to invest in a Barcode.

If you decide you don’t want a Barcode straight away, you can always change your mind and purchase it later. Just print it out like a sticker then attach to the rear cover of your book.

Barcodes can be purchased with Complete Publishing Packages once an ISBN has been issued. Alternatively you can have your own ISBN and also purchase a Barcode. You must submit your ISBN as the Barcode reflects that information when displayed. As the Barcode is assigned to the ISBN, the latter must be purchased or acquired first. The information in the ISBN Book Profile automatically links up with the publisher information and wherever it is displayed.

Is a Barcode necessary?

If you intend selling through wholesalers and bookshops, warehouses etc, they will most likely require a Barcode on your book.

See example below:

Purchase Barcode (optional)

Only available with Complete Publishing Packages



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