• Convert Raster Image to Vector Illustration
  • Convert Vector Illustration to Raster Image
  • Convert single PDFs to Combined Multi PDFFile Conversion Services
  • Image Conversion Services


If you require any of the services to prepare your files to the correct format or to make them print ready, select from the list of services featured below.

Convert Raster Image to Vector Illustration

$10 per image

Supplied to you in three formats:  .SVG  .PDF  .EPS

This process converts a raster image to a vector illustration which can be imported into a vector program then manipulated and coloured. Required only if doing your own illustrations. Raster image MUST be of high quality as the end result is determined by the initial resolution before conversion. Aim for around 1000 pixels in length or height for your raster image, before vectorizing.

Convert Vector Illustration to Raster Image

$10 per image

Supplied to you in two formats:  .JPG  .PNG

Converts a vector illustration to a raster image for various uses where vectors are not suitable. e.g. for online blogs or websites. Things like your book cover image for your ISBN Profile may be supplied in various formats like vector PDF and raster JPG. So it depends on where you are using the image.

Convert Single PDFs to Combined Multi PDF

Required for your final book proof.

Page Count 8 – 80 pages SADDLE STITCHED


Page Count 48 – 300 pages PERFECT BOUND


A Conversion Only Service for your book’s PDFs to make them ready for the printing process.  Your Single PDFs are converted into one Combined Multi PDF and then proof is emailed back to you. Cover artwork sent as seperate files if required. This negates subscribing to Adobe Acrobat DC Pro (once off one month subscription) and having to download, install, set up and do the conversion. When your proof is finalised as a Combined Multi PDF, it is ready to be sent to the printer. If you are organising your own printer ensure you have checked their requirements for the supply of your PDF files.

Purchasing the internal service packages listed above will save you having to sign up for online subscriptions. Access to these is vital to complete the more technical aspects of your book when it is going to print.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT required for Complete Publishing Package customers as this element is a feature of the package.

If you are using the conversion service you must supply your files in the following way:

  • Bleed Artwork must be completed
  • Resave SVG files to single PDFs
  • Pages must be in numerical order

Busy Fingers Publishing ALSO offers assistance with Bleed Set Up and File Saving services.

For Bleed Artwork Services

To set up bleed correctly for printing. The bleed set up procedure must be followed correctly before saving SVG book page files.

For File Saving Services

To save SVG files as single PDFs. Your SVG files must be converted to single PDF files before saving as a Combined Multi PDF for final proof.


All the FREE programs and applications you need can be downloaded and installed yourself. It”s easy enough to do but if you’re a novice and need further instructions on how to get your programs downloaded, installed and running:

  • Go to Download and Install Programs

There are NO Assistance Packages available for the downloading and setting up of your applications, programs and online subscription accounts.


No matter whether they are subscription based or free to use like an email account, they either involve bank details or sensitive personal information. Therefore, you have to set all these up yourself.

These will most likely include:

  • Email accounts (contact and receive information)
  • Paypal Account (sending and receiving payments)
  • Bowker Account (ISBN)
  • Office 365 (online current version of Word)
  • Vector Magic (illustrations)
  • Adobe Acrobat DC Pro (combined multi pdf for printer)

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