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PLEASE NOTE: This service is available and applicable ONLY to Complete Publishing Package customers.


Choose Package Option

The Book Brief fee is the same for either of the Complete Package options below. The fee will be added to your quote once you submit information about your book via a Book Details Contact Form.

  • Step 01 – 09 Complete Publishing Package BOOK ONLY
  • Step 01 – 10 Complete Publishing Package BOOK and WEBSITE

Select Book Brief Fee

View the options for Book Brief fees below and select the page count option that best suits your publication.

Both these options feature on the Book Details Contact Form when submitting your details for a quote and when prompted, you will need to select either one on the form.

Book Brief Fee Under 100 pages …………… $100.00

Book Brief Fee Over 100 pages ……………… $300.00

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Select from either of the forms below, complete and submit.

Step 01 BOOK BRIEF Contact Form

Complete Publishing Package Contact Form

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How to proceed…

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When submitting your Book Brief information on the Contact Form, give as much detail as you can. Your book vision is important and the more detail you can supply, the more likely you are to achieve the outcome you desire. And sooner.

As your acknowledged publication partner, Busy Fingers Publishing will also need to establish some important criteria about the printing aspects of your book.

For example, Size, Orientation, Print, Binding and Page Count and details like that.

For further information on your printed book options go to:



When you have completed and submitted the Contact Form, a Book Detail Report will be constructed from the information given. As specified it will be approx 7-14 working days.

You may be required to give additional information. This may extend the lead time for your quote depending on how soon you can supply the information.

The quote will be sent by email and will need to be checked in it’s completion and confirmed via a return email. Your package will proceed from there.

There may be a list of queries or things that may need further clarification or explanation. This is assessed through the level of detail and client input which will vary with each publication.

Your report will include important information such as the following:

  • Summary of ideas on finished book concept
  • Print details of book
  • A mock up or simple design concept for cover
  • Approx cost per printed book
  • Marketing information
  • Website Package information (if applicable)
  • Approx lead time (this can vary for each book)
  • Procedures for each step
  • Recommendations on how to proceed

PLEASE NOTE: The term “design concept” is NOT an actual finished design but concept only and displayed in draft stage, usually with notes.

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