How to purchase packages:

  • From Home page
  • Click on Assistance Packages
  • View Packages List
  • Locate desired package
  • Select Package
  • View Details
  • Scroll to bottom of page
  • Click on PayPal button
  • Add to cart
  • Proceed throught checkout
  • Continue shopping if desired

Once payment completed submit your package details.


How to Submit Package Details:

  • Complete your Order and Payment
  • Return to package page after checkout
  • Fill out corresponding Contact Form
  • Submit details


PLEASE NOTE: Where no price indicated for package you will require a quote. Submit your details on corresponding Contact Form. The form is located at the bottom of each Assistance Package page. 

While Order and Details for Assistance Package are done seperately, they must both be completed for work on your package to commence.

Package details can also be accessed via:

  • Package Information links
  • Access any package via link
  • Select required package
  • Proceed with order as explained above




We welcome and accept payments made via PayPal.

Simply click on the PayPal Easy Pay Shopping Cart button on the package page you are ordering from.

See button below:

All priced package options will display the PayPal Checkout button. This is a progressive checkout so you can select multiple options but make a single payment once you complete your order.

Alternative Ordering and Payment Methods:

We also take a range of other types of payments:

These will require a different set of payment instructions. Use the:

Request Alternative Payment Instructions Contact Form

This is located on the Order and Payment page