Individual Packages

STEP 01 Assistance Package BOOK BRIEF 


STEP 02 Assistance Package MANUSCRIPT
  • You may supply Manuscript edited or unedited
  • If editing is requested BFP to quote on
  • Manuscript must be formatted correctly
  • If unformatted BFP to quote on
  • Additional information may be required

STEP 03 Assistance Package IMAGES

Any images supplied by YOU for editing

  • Are free from copyright unless own image

Any images supplied by BFP (edited or otherwise)

  • Are supplied only at your request
  • Must be free of copyright OR
  • Licenced copyright permissions attained
  • Additional information may be required

  • BFP to convert PDFs to Combined Multi PDF
  • PDFs must be in numerical order
  • PDFs must meet bleed requirements
  • Additional information may be required

STEP 05 Assistance Package BOOK LAYOUT
  • BFP to do complete Book Page Layout
  • Book Layout constructed from Manuscript
  • Image details required if applicable
  • Additional details may be supplied
  • Manuscript must be completed and edited
  • Additional information may be required

STEP 05 Assistance Package BOOK COVER
  • You to supply images for cover artwork
  • If you not supplying images, BFP to source and supply
  • Additional information may be required

STEP 06 Assistance Package ISBN
  • Free ISBN with BFP as the listed publisher
  • BFP to create ISBN book profile
  • You supply basic info for ISBN profile

STEP 07 Assistance Package PRINT READY PDFs
  • BFP to create Print Ready PDFs from SVG files
  • File Saving Services for SVG to PDF done by BFP

STEP 08 Assistance Package BOOK PRINTING 
  • BFP to create Print Ready PDFs from SVG files
  • Conversion of PDFs to combined multi PDF file
  • BFP to compress proof to zip file if required
  • Book Order cannot proceed until Client approves proof
  • Once proof approved client to pay for book order
  • When payment received Printed Book order will proceed
  • Residential address required for Printed Book orders
  • Back up postal address required for Printed Book orders

STEP 09 Assistance Package MARKETING
  • Client to select one of the BFP Marketing Package options

STEP 10 Assistance Package WEBSITE 
  • Client to select one of the BFP Website Package options


Copyright on Content, Images and Cover Artwork
  • You own copywright to ALL original content by BFP
  • You own copywright to ALL images created by BFP
  • BFP relinquishes all copyright to any contributions made
  • Licenced copyright images require permissions
  • Free to use images may require attribution
  • Images sourced online must be deemed 100% Free for commercial use

Acknowledgements / Attributions


  • BFP acknowledged for Cover Artwork design
  • BFP acknowledged for any  Images or Graphics content
  • BFP acknowledged for Book Layout


  • BFP acknowledged Publisher
  • Publisher information to appear on your copyright page
  • This information also displayed where book listed online

For clarification, when Busy Fingers Publishing is the publisher you still retain all copyright to content and images in your book except for any licenced copyright images with permissions and attribution required. BFP requires exclusive copyright licence ONLY for publishing and printing for the period of the initial package agreement.

Any additional promotion or excerpts from your book can be displayed by you but we retain exclusive copywright licence for the publishing and printing only of the first 1000 books.

Exclusive Licence Information

  • BFP holds exclusive licence on publishing and printing First 1000 Books
  • Minimum order on First Extended Print Run is 100 Books
  • BFP to relinquish publishing and printing licence after First 1000 Books

Non-Exclusive Licence Information

  • BFP supplies your book proof only
  • You are free to get your books printed with any book publisher

Licence Fees:

  • Non-Exclusive Licence for DIY Publishers = No Fee
  • Non-Exclusive Licence for Complete Publishing Packages  = $500 Fee
  • Exclusive Licence = No Fee

General Terms:

  • All unpriced elements must be quoted on
  • Unedited manuscripts require a sample page sent for assessment
  • Where client cannot supply book requirements, BFP to quote on
  • Book Brief component only applies to Complete Packages
  • ISBN issued FREE with Complete Packages
  • If ISBN issued FREE with DIY Packages BFP is listed publisher

  • BFP has no claim on copywright of printed book
  • BFP only required to be acknowledged as publisher

(Optional) FOR CLIENT:
  • Client Barcode purchase (optional)
  • Client to supply author bio and book bio (optional)
  • Client to supply additional info for profile (optional)

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