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How the Packages work

Packages are made up of two parts:

  • Order and Payment
  • Book Details Contact Forms

They can be submitted in any order but we cannot proceed until we have both.


Priced packages have a range of simple options to choose from. Unpriced packages have too many variables therefore you will need a quote.

Simply fill in the corresponding Contact Form for the required package and submit.

Click here for information on Quote Procedure

This information is the basis of your quote and once submitted, you will be emailed a quote with further instructions.


Priced Packages

How to Order 

This is a progressive checkout so multiple purchases can be made

  • Click on the required package
  • View options and make selection
  • Click PayPal button
  • Proceed through checkout

You will be directed to the Completed Order page

How to submit Forms:

  • Locate corresponding Contact Form for required package
  • Fill in and submit

Please note: Your forms can be submitted before or after payment but your order will not proceed until both have been received. You will receive notification of all forms and payments sent.

Unpriced Packages

Instructions on how to proceed:

  • Click on the required package
  • View the information
  • Click on the link to the appropriate Contact Form
  • Fill in details and submit
  • You will be contacted with your quote


Assistance Packages Step 01

Assistance Package Step 01 BOOK BRIEF

Assistance Packages Step 02

Assistance Package Step 02 MANUSCRIPT

Assistance Packages Step 03

Assistance Package Step 03 IMAGES

Assistance Packages Step 04

Assistance Package Step 04 PROGRAMS / APPLICATIONS

Assistance Packages Step 05

Assistance Package Step 05 BOOK LAYOUT

Assistance Package 05 BOOK COVER

Assistance Packages Step 06

Assistance Package Step 06 ISBN

Assistance Packages Step 07

Assistance Package Step 07 PRINT READY PDFs

Assistance Packages Step 08

Assistance Package Step 08 BOOK PRINTING

Assistance Packages Step 09

Assistance Package Step 09 MARKETING

Assistance Packages Step 10

Complete Publishing Packages

Information still to come