Welcome interested writers, authors and potential future publishers,

Are you keen to publish a printed book but really don’t have a clue where to start? Or have you tried exploring the minefield of online vanity publishers and create-a-book companies and then run a country mile?

Well, look no further.

This website has information that may assist you with your publishing endeavours. And the information is free to use and won’t cost you a cent.

Here’s why…

After becoming fed up with the vanity publishing industry and their over zealous sales reps over the last decade, I ended up on the DIY path and to be honest, I haven’t looked back. I now have the desire to help other writers and share what I know and encourage those that are keen to grab opportunity with both hands and to absolutely kick some vanity publishing ass.

I designed and created the Busy Fingers Publishing website to prompt that to happen and have written a free 10 Step DIY Guide which takes you through the entire process and beyond…


Purpose built for the future DIY Publisher, the Busy Fingers Publishing Free 10 Step DIY Publishing Guide offers sound direction for those wanting to go rogue and publish their printed book DIY style. Provided completely free are simple to follow instructions set out in a user friendly format. Supplied with all the relevant links to the resources and guidelines to help you complete each element.

Everything you need to get your entire book to a finished product and out there into the market place is right here. And you can do all the tasks yourself to get it to a print ready stage and then be able to hand it to your printing company in sheer delight. See the list below for the publication elements covered:

  • Research and Book Costings
  • Creating / Editing Manuscript
  • Book Page Set up
  • Book Layout
  • Importing Images
  • Getting an ISBN
  • Book Cover Design
  • Finalising your print proof
  • Marketing and Promotion

From editing and formatting your manuscript to organising your book brief, to setting up your book pages, importing images and creating text. You’ll get the low down on designing your own book cover complete with rear cover blurb, spine and barcode. There will be all the technical instructions for converting files, finalising your proof and the heads up on everything to consider when ordering your first print run. Finally there are a range of suggestions on ways to market and promote your book, plus some simple tips and guidelines on setting up your own free website page.

Be motivated and keen to learn and opportunity is yours. If you have the spare time to devote over the period of a few months, you can turn your manuscript into a completed publication. Just locate a suitable printing company, download their printing criteria and you’re ready to make a start.

The step-by-step DIY Guide is extremely user-friendly and breaks the whole process down to basics. Video tutorials are featured where things get a bit more technical. With that said, there is also professional support available upon request, if required by way of assistance packages and support tickets.

The available assistance packages back up the DIY guide and can be purchased by those who for whatever reason cannot complete an element. For example, some may only be able to set up the text element of their book for the internal pages but have no idea how to do the cover. You can learn how to do that here, or alternatively purchase a book cover only package. We only require your printers guidelines to do so.

Whilst all the instructions are geared toward printed books, the publishing parameters are similar to the set up of other types of publications such as ebooks etc. and can be adapted once you know what you’re doing.

Independent publishing is the perfect way to retain full control over your publishing destiny and keep your finger on the pulse. It also gives your back pocket a major advantage when it comes to sales. Of course, you’ll be the number one promoter initially, until such time as you can gain exposure elsewhere or some traction in the market place.

Vanity publishers will promote your book readily enough, but usually at an additional cost to your publishing package. You know your book better than any body else so you lose nothing by being your own wing man.

At no charge, of course!

You’ll also gain valuable knowledge and effectively save money by finding resourceful and often successful ways to spruke your best seller.

The hands on approach is a winner in so many ways…

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