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Sharing the Wealth… of Knowledge
Busy Fingers Publishing is about getting hands on. 

Designed and built from the ground up, this instructional website was created to provide free guidance for fledgling DIY publishers and get them involved or completely immersed in the publishing process.

It is the “how to” for authors wanting to go it alone and publish their printed books independently. The main goal is to assist them in getting a book from concept to creation
and beyond as the publishing process is much the same for most books.

You just need the know how.

Anyway, the great thing is, all the resources are accessible from one place.

Right here!

The free 10 Step instruction guide on DIY publishing is backed up by individual Assistance Packages for any step that authors can’t complete. 

So whether you”re a novice that’s ready to learn or already plain tech savvy, you can do this at a fraciton of the cost than what you would pay a vanity publisher.

So there’s no excuse to leave that manuscript on the shelf.

DIY publish and write your own success story…

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