Flat Rate fee for Website Administration Services


Add a Single Page of Content

To add a single page of content to your website and link internally

Flat Rate per page


Add Multiple Pages of Content

To add multiple pages of content to your website and link internally

Add Multiple Pages of Content to Website

Flat Rate per page


PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 5 pages is required 

Support Tickets

Ideal for edits, changes or alterations to existing content on your site.

Purchased in blocks or increments of 15 minutes

Flat Rate per block or increment


If you are unsure how many Support Tickets you require, send us an email via the Contact Us page with your requirements. You will receive a recommendation via email.

 Content Requirements:

  • You must supply all content
  • Image limit per page 5
  • Supply text as a Word document .docx .doc or .wps
  • Supply images seperately as raster files .jpg or .png
  • Specify position of images in your Word document

For services that don’t fit these parameters, don’t distress…

Send us an email via the Contact Us page and we will endeavour to assist you.

When we are required to add content for you, as a co-administrator of your account we will require your current Login and Password details. This is kept confidential at all times. It is recommended however that you change your Password once your Busy Fingers Publishing services are complete, so your account is not compromised in any way.


  • Text and images are uploaded as supplied by YOU
  • Ensure you check carefully for any errors before sending

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Your order cannot proceed until we have payment and contact form details.